My Story

IvyAliceVintage was founded by designer & maker Melissa Wandless in 2022. 'It was created from the desire to make pieces that add character, texture & warmth to the home. Working with locally sourced reclaimed timber was an obvious choice as the timber (some upwards of 100 years old from buildings across South Australia) has already lived a life. What a joy it is to strip it back and turn into these boards, adding a new chapter ready for you to use in your own homes creating your own story with them.'

About the Designer/Maker

After swapping NSW suburbia for the South Australian Countryside in 2018 I embraced a more traditional farmhouse, cottage and country aesthetic and lifestyle. Longing to work in a more creative field after over a decade in Administration, HR and even Personal Training, researching home and interior design had long been my hobby throughout. The need to have a flexible job so I could look after my daughter Ivy Alice had me wondering if I could turn the hobby into a career. Adding a dash of DIY in the mix (something I'm always fond of throughout the home) the idea to make boards came in 2022 and here we are now enjoying the crazy unpredictable journey.

Mel x